Our Mission & Values

To be a dynamic link between Axiometrics Intl. in the USA in order to provide the best possible support to axiological trained consultants in the UK and Europe. 

Enabling individuals and organisations to discover their value talent and realise their potential, putting their Soul before their Role and their Goal.

To help organisations grow and succeed by employing staff with the right talent to be fully engaged and empowered to deliver high performance. 3_Dimensions_of_Value.jpg

Our Values

Dr Robert Hartman showed us that there is not just one, but three dimensions of value. Whilst most statements cover 2 or 3 dimensions we have broken our values down in to Intrinsic (Intuitive Thinking), Extrinsic (Pragmatic Thinking) and Systemic (Conceptual Thinking) dimensions.

Our Intrinsic Values

Enjoy what we do every day and to help others to do the same.

Deliver unique bespoke solutions.

Be honest and open at all times, seeking to build long-term relationships, based on trust and confidence.

Respect and protect the uniqueness of individuals and organisations.

Be passionate and personally involved in promoting the science of axiology, preserving the integrity of Robert Hartman and Wayne Carpenter’s work.


Our Extrinsic Values
  Our Systemic Values

To provide in a timely and effective way solutions tailored to our clients needs.



Be driven by, and responsive to, the needs of our clients and business partners, to ensure that they achieve their ambitions.

To deliver solutions that provide tangible results and genuine competitive advantage.



Strive for continuous improvement and development.

To respect our clients and their employees, working closely with them to ensure that the Axiometrics™ Profile is applied responsibly for the benefit of  the company and the individual..   Be conscious of our impact on the environment and seek to operate to high standards of environmental sustainability.