Talent & Values Benchmarking

As performance improvement specialists you will be keen to understand the talent an organisation has, the latent talent which is not being maximised (after all, the organisation is already paying for it) and the talent that is needed to ensure that the 'right' team is in place, to make the 'right' decisions with the ability to achieve the 'right' results for the short and longer term.

Our performance system is based upon Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Robert S. Hartman's research plus 40 years of non-stop research, application and translation of that work by his most prolific graduate student Wayne Carpenter. Wayne's lifetime of validated research drives our revolutionary "Net Talent" business models.

Through Axiometrics™ and our unique benchmarking methodology we go far deeper than just observing (or not) what the behavioural tendancies are of employees; we identify the valuing systems which drive those behaviours. We measure the 'cause' rather than just the 'effect' (observed behaviour); if we understand 'cause' (which is a direct response to the environment) we are able to influence the result or 'effect'.


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Maximising ROI, Talent Benchmarking data can be utilised across multiple performance improvement initiatives e.g:


Talent Management

Measuring Values

Measuring Customer Perception

Development Needs Analysis

Understanding Learning and Communication Styles

Succession Planning

Building Highly Capable Teams

Coach and Mentor Matching, ensuring that the 'right' people are working together to inspire the best results

Understanding Culture

Measuring Improvement


Talent Benchmarking is accessible for all sizes of organisation and can be achieved in 3 easy steps:




Through our unique ability to Benchmark 'What is Good?', we have the ability to tailor reports to your exact needs. Below are a few examples of Success Factors Reports which can be used for Selection, Onboarding, Appraisals and Succession Planning:-

 Success Factors General
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  Success Factors Sales 
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 Success Factors General w/ Leadership Style
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  Success Factors Sales w/ Leadership Style
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 Success Factors Management
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  Success Factors Service
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 Success Factors Professional
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  Success Factors Service w/ Leadership Style
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 Success Factors Professional w/ Leadership Style
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Axiometrics™ Talent Benchmarking answers:

  1. Can this person do the job?
  2. Will this person do the job?
  3. Can they do it for YOU*? 

(*In YOUR company's environment; reporting to YOU or YOUR managers)

Clients report 90-100% success in filtering applicants who wouldn’t be able to demonstrate ‘employability’ competencies in an organisation’s unique culture.

The question is, if we rely on traditional methods of selection i.e qualifications,  self-reporting questionnaires (including personality, behavioural and situational judegment tests) and our own judgement (what happens if the very environment we are making people decisions for, is not allowing us as decision makers make our 'best' decisions?), how do we know that an individual is going to be able to 'access their talent' and make decisions and deliver to their best ability for us as employers?

Against your desired competencies, imagine if you knew whether individuals could not only 'do it', but 'do it' for YOU in YOUR unique environment....