Quality, Culture & Environment

Axiometrics™ Quality, Culture & Environment reports help identify the values of your organisation and employee alignment with those values

Coaching Styles Report       Professional Profile  

represents  an  individual’s preferred  style  for  supporting others  on  performance  related  issues. (View Sample)


- summary report of the person and a measure of their ability to ‘fit in’ to the organisation, manage themselves, think and problem solve and lead (View Sample)

Nine Pathways       Risk Tolerance Assessment  

- a priority list of the 9 critical leadership performance dimensions and how your values are in  alignment with them (View Sample)


- measures a persons ability to take risk and their level of comfort in doing so (View Sample)

Personal Value Analysis          Talent and Values Benchmarking  

- a measure of the essentials to success in work and life, knowing what to do, how to do it, planning & organising, getting things done  and working with others (View Sample)


- Axiometrics™ Benchmarking answers:
1. Can this person do the job?
2. Will this person do the job?
3. Can they do it for YOU*?
(*In YOUR company's environment; reporting to YOU or YOUR managers)  (Further Information)