Hartman Value Profile - HVP

Value talent, like musical talent or sports talent, can be learned and improved. The first step in developing your value talent is to identify your level of development, and to identify the specific types of talent you have. A value analysis is designed to let you come into contact with your ability to think and make value judgments about yourself and the world around you. This analysis will give you an opportunity to experience the biases that focus your thinking, the natural skills that your mind uses on a day to day basis to make decisions, the strengths that belong to you, the areas of development that can improve your ability to be you, and the combination of talent that defines your uniqueness. 

Dr. Hartman constructed the original edition of the Hartman Value Profile (HVP) according to the 'Hierarchy of Values' which he developed and documented in his writings, "The Structure of Value". The HVP is an axiological instrument, an inventory that measures a person's capacity to make value judgments concerning the world and the self. There are two parts to the profile. The first is a list of 18 items pertaining to the world, while the second consists of 18 phrases related to the self.


 To complete the HVP, a person is asked to rank the items in the first part from best to worst, and then to rank the phrases in the second part from those you most agree with to those you least agree with. The results reflect an individual's own preferences, which are measured against the objective scale given by formal axiology. The measurement is very precise, yet allows for nearly infinite variety. The results of the HVP are derived from logical, mathematical norms, and are not based on the values of any specific population or group. Consequently, it is not a "test" to be passed or failed and the results have no bias with respect to sex, age, race, creed, or any other socio-cultural classification.

During 40 years of research, Axiometrics™ International's chairman, Wayne Carpenter, has successfully expanded the mathematics of Dr. Hartman to account for 'real life' variables. To that end we now use an updated set of statements known as the AVP or Axiometrics™ Value Profile which enables even greater accuracy and granularity to truly understand an individual's uniqueness.