Benefits of Axiometrics™

Axiology provides a universal frame of reference for understanding each person's perceptions. It shows why an individual sees or perceives a particular situation, what access that person has to natural talents and explains why that person's behaviour is as it is. Through axiological analysis, the unique patterns, which belong to each individual, can be observed and studied in an objective format, and can be compared to those patterns that belong to other individuals. These can then be integrated into actual problem situations. 

The objective evaluation of each person's value patterns serve as a means of helping an individual understand his or her potential for development, and the blocks that can inhibit personal growth. As a result, the integrity, which comes from a person's unique character, can be protected, and at the same time, the conflicts that can and do occur because of this unique individuality, can be understood and can possibly be prevented or defused. 

It is a scientifically proven, mathematically accurate assessment that objectively identifies how our mind analyses, interprets our experiences and it identifies how we are most likely to react in any given situation.

Understanding how people think is critical to knowing how they will perform.

It offers a simple and powerful way that shows you exactly why your people perform the way they do and provide the user, and organisation, with an accurate diagnostic tool upon which to build and deliver the most appropriate solution, be it learning or advisory.

It can accurately identify the talents, performance problems and potential of people before you make critical decisions on recruitment, training and succession planning.  (Knowing the underlying “thinking patterns” that influence performance allows you to put the 'right' people in the 'right' place for the 'right' reasons).

Benefits of Axiometrics™?

Through the disciplined use of Axiometrics™ International's system of applying Axiology to hiring and developmental processes, clients can experience significant benefits in the following areas;

Reduced costs associated with hiring & turnover
Hiring right the first time = fewer interviews & reduced costs associated with training & administration
Easily accessable and simple to use testing streamlines hiring processes
Centralized database ensures additional analysis is easily provided without retesting
Improvements in productivity & customer satisfaction
Identification of employee talents & patterns of success lead to best practices
Identification and reduction of talent blocks, stressors, & patterns of failure
Employee talent correctly placed yields increased sales & better customer service
Improvements in business environment & organizational culture
Employees develop respect, strengthen commitments to common bonds, & reduce prejudices
Employees are highly motivated to excellence
Employees experience increased team synergy & reduced stress levels



Accurately Measuring Decision-Making Talent


  Why Choose Axiometrics™ Over  
Other Types of Profiling?


Not subjective – other personality assessments only give you what people are willing to say about themselves.

No attempt to classify or group someone.

A single Universal Norm, not one ‘created’ from a selection to validate a result.

Highly validated worldwide.

Not discriminatory for age, sex, creed or culture.
Organising the statements takes most people less than 15 minutes, yet there are 6 quadrillion  (600,000,000,000,000,000,000) possible outcomes.