Axiometrics™ Profiling

Axiometrics™ Profiling - based on the Nobel Prize nominated research of Dr Robert S Hartman, enables us to identify the internal valuing system/”thinking patterns” that influences our perceptions (attitudes), decisions and actions, basically our Values or “Why” we do what we do..

More than ever, values are a focus in business and governmental decisions. As technological advances and the growing global economy continue to integrate cultures and ideas, organizations require unprecedented flexibility and the capacity to quickly adapt to change. These attributes are directly related to the value talent and decision-making capabilities of the individuals that comprise the organisation.

Behaviours vs Thinking

TM 5 Actions with Heading

Axiology (science of value) and the backbone of Axiometrics™ clearly exposes how individuals value themselves and the world around them. During 40 years of research, Axiometrics International's chairman, Wayne Carpenter, successfully expanded the mathematics of Dr. Hartman to account for 'real life' variables. This extension of Axiology is called Axiometrics™ and is used to mathematically measure and assess specific capacities of an individual. Axiometrics™ can be used not only to predict future performance, but also to provide insight into core competencies, talents, and developmental needs. 




Axiometrics™ Measures Values

Axiometrics™ is a fast (15 minute online exercise), accurate and incisive form of providing individual and team profiles. Through an understanding of the values and valuing system on which an individual bases their decisions, it identifies their skills, talent, 'access to talent' and attitude within a specific environment.  It looks ‘behind the eyes’ to give root cause understanding of behaviour and talent.  

Using Axiometrics™, organisations and individuals will understand:-

The Organisation

Can they do it?

Can they do it for YOU*? (*In YOUR company's environment; reporting to YOU or YOUR managers)

The Individual

What are YOUR skills/talents? 

Where are YOUR decision making strengths and vulnerabilities?

What can YOU do to develop?

What type of environment are YOU best suited to where YOU can continuously demonstrate YOUR unique talents?

Axiometrics™ provides a basis for development and coaching, team dynamics, role or position suitability and comparative analysis from one individual to another to ensure that you have the 'right' individuals in the 'right' seat for the 'right' reasons and at the 'right' time.

It has myriad uses, from recruitment to change, OD, leadership development, team dynamics, executive coaching, personal development, talent and culture benchmarking..

Furthermore,  Axiometrics™ is a "thinking" exercise meaning that as individuals/teams change and develop, the profile can be re-taken to show Performance Improvement and ongoing development needs.

Axiometrics™ is a truly dynamic tool for a dynamic world.