Who We Are

Axiometrics™ Partners Europe Limited are the accredited training provider for Axiometrics International (Ai) and the Centre for Applied Axiometrics.  We provide the complete suite of Axiometrics™ products to Organisations and Individuals through our network of Certified Axiological Analysts.

what are you measuring

All assessments are derived from reasoning the requirements/parameters of something using either inductive or deductive techniques. Logicians define the two types of reasoning as:

  • Inductive reasoning is reasoning with incomplete information and drawing a conclusion that may not be true, but which have some probability of being true. Either Ipsative (Situational Judgement Tests) or using the Likert Scale (MBTI, DISC, Insights, Strengths Finder tests, 360s, Culture questionnaires etc.), Psychometrics have typically been 'created' using inductive reasoning.
  • Deductive reasoning is reasoning with complete information to draw a certain or necessary conclusion. Axiometrics™ has been developed using deductive reasoning.


Enabling Performance Improvement

Axiometrics™ Partners Europe Limited provide bespoke support to Performance Improvement Specialists using Axiometrics™ products.

We provide the link to the US Centre for Applied Axiometrics.

We provide up to date Case Studies & news of scientific breakthroughs to the Axiometrics™ consultant community, keeping our consultants abreast of evolving best practise.

We have delivered axiological products across a number of sectors including, education, sport, health, the military, local government, private service sector both on an individual basis and increasingly utilising the powerful tools to enable business transformation & team dynamics improvement.

Ai is a Nashville, Tennessee based company with a 40 year history focused on the vision of providing a pathway to the science of Axiology. Inherent in this mission, is the continual demonstration of the validity and usefulness of Axiology on a practical level. Our goal is to support Ai to deploy Axiology and its application on a global scale. This is achieved through the exclusive marketing of products and services based on the science of Axiology and its offspring, Axiometrics™; the mathematical extension of Axiology that is proprietary to Axiometrics International.