So how ready are you for your chosen career? Or do you even know where your unique talents would add the most value?

Axiometrics™ Employability reports tell you or the individuals that you are supporting into the world of work, where you/they are able to demonstrate what employers are looking for:

Career Pathfinder       Personal Value Analysis  

Have you heard of a 'Mid Life Crisis'? Don't wait until your 40's to find out! Imagine spending the first 40 years of your life performing for others and living a script when you realise you have not been living your life but one enforced or expected of you. The Pathfinder will help you identify who you are, what you are and what you can be. (View Example) 


A summary report of the person as well as a measure of your ability to "Fit in to the organization, Manage Yourself, Think and solve problems, and can you lead". You also get a prioritized list of your top ten success competencies as well as your top five key development areas (View Example) 

General Employability Guide       Sales Employability Guide  

Do you know your job related strengths and development areas? The GEG identifies your Attitudes, Problem Solving, Self Image and Motivators. Prepare yourself for interviews and work by identifying your thinking talent and how it will benefit an employer and what may trip you up so you can work to improve it. (View Example) 


A career in sales is often is overlooked and is not for everyone, but if you have the right talents, a career in sales can be financially rewarding and very enjoyable. Our sales interview guide is used by multinational companies to identify sales talent - identify your sales strengths to see if a sales role is right for you. (View Example) 

Management Employability Guide       Service Employability Guide  

Are you looking for a trainee management role? How can you demonstrate that you have the right talent for management with little or no experience? The MEG will identify how your thinking talent translates across 35 competencies for good management, from people to activities, problem solving and planning. This will show that, provided with a training opportunity, you will make a great manager. (View Example) 


With a growing number of customer service roles in the UK economy why not use our service interview guide to assess your suitability for dealing with customers. The SEG highlights your thinking talent, strengths and developments against an industry development standard of 35 service competencies. (View Sample)


Imagine the power of understanding how YOU think, how YOU process information and how YOU make decisions...

Now overlay this with the company you start your career with knowing this about you and also providing you with the right environment to use these skills on a daily basis...